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Aarteemme Kallis (2011)

by Linn Ullmann(Favorite Author)
3.43 of 5 Votes: 4
9510392820 (ISBN13: 9789510392829)
review 1: I agree w/ the critic that said this is Nordic noir w/o the mystery. Fairly early on we are given the whodunnit, the to whodunnit and the why, so the rest of the book is a psychological dissection of the main characters - awfully similar to the films of the author's father, Ingmar Bergman. Dark, brooding, gothic - a little obscure. It kept my interest, but I don't think I'd read another one by this author.
review 2: Wow, another book about infidelity and strained family relationships How original! how provocative! The book is beautifully written, but the ideas are so trite it feels as if I've read it before. I mean, it is a well done tale of death and cheating, but even the themes and symbolism are a little heavy handed at this point-- but at least we all
... more get the point of things like red dresses and scarfs. less
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Very nice read. . . .complex and multi-layered. Takes place in Oslo and Gloucester, MA
I am not that into mysteries about nannies or nannies creating drama in a marriage.
pretty good page turner. Ending did not satisfy but writing is good
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