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The Boy Who Belonged (2013)

by Lisa Henry(Favorite Author)
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review 1: This is the second book in the Good Boy series and should not be read as a stand alone. This story picks up a few months down the road from when the first book ended. Derek and Lane are still living together and they are doing well. Derek is still running his photography business and Lane is still working at the restaurant and going to school. Lane is breaking out of his shell and starting to open up to those around him. It's almost Christmas and they are happy.All that comes to a crashing halt when Lane's mother contacts him wanting not only vists from him but his help. Any progress Lane has made comes to a screeching halt. Derek struggles with his anger at Lane's mom as well as his own frustrations with Lane. Derek's starting to wonder if he will always have to be... more the strong one and if Lane will ever be there for him like that.The rest of the story focuses on these two trying to work through these issues and see if they can hold their relationship together. Of course with these two, working things through included some BDSM acts that I had to Google. I like how this author works the BDSM practices into her characters stories but in this one I really couldn't stop screaming at Lane that it wasn't enough. He needs to go to some good counseling. I swear if he doesn't get some professional help in the next book the social worker in me is going to have a heart attack. **I'm serious Lisa Henry. A heart attack.**At the end of the day though (or should I say at the end of the book) I still really like these two. I enjoy their story, I enjoy their struggles and I enjoy their filthy mouthed parrot.
review 2: I read the first book in this series and I fell completely in love with it. And so when I found out that the authors had released a second book? I was jumping up and down for the chance to review it.Once I started it, I couldn’t put it down at all. The story was able to draw me in and just keep me there until I was done with the whole book. And even afterwards, it left me wanting more.We get to learn more about Lane’s past, and we follow along as Derek helps him to deal with what is going on. I did like the fact that Lane and Derek do NOT have a perfect relationship, they argue like a normal couple would. I think with the way the authors put that into the book gave it a more realistic feel. I liked the drama that Derek and Lane had to go through in this book. Their relationship hasn’t been easy from the start and I was really glad that they have been able to pull through it all. One thing that I did enjoy was how in the first book, Brin was very loud and in your face. In this book, we find out more about him. And realize that he’s not just a crazy flashy person; he does have his sensitive side that he tries to keep hidden. I will say one thing the authors have an amazing ability! Lane’s mother is a completely inappropriate word, and they were able to write her out to the point where when she opened her mouth I couldn’t stand her!! So I give them mad props for being able to pull off making a character that way just from reading the words.Reviewed by Crystal Marie for Crystals' Many Reviewers*Copy provided for honest review* less
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Believable, healthy character development for Lane but most of the sexytimes were not my kink.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh I've missed you Lane and Derek!!!!!!
The sounding scene - so hot. Damn.
5 stars for Mr. Zimmerman.
Best sounding scene ever.
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