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Stephen King, A Biografia: Coração Assombrado (2013)

by Lisa Rogak(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The book I read to research this post is Haunted Heart The Life And Times Of Stephen King by Lisa Rogak which is a very good book which I bought at a car boot sale. This book is only around 240 pages and is quite inciteful into King's life. It was published in 2010 & I have to admit he is my favorite author. Apparently he has lots of hang ups and is very sensitive to things which is a lot of what he writes about in his horror books. He will never stop writing on a 13th page or a multiple of 13 for example as he has a fear of the number 13 as he also does of things like flying and psychotherapy. He does live in Bangor, Maine where a lot of his novels are set and according to one of his friend's is fiercely competitive. At one stage he was writing 5 books a year and many of... more his books are very long although he has cut back to spend time with his family. He has had his fair share of heart break from finding his grandmother's dead body as a child to one of his children being born with serious medical problems. He became obsessive about losing his child. Also his mother before she had Stephen was told she would never have children and his parents adopted a child and it was a shock when she became pregnant with him. As a child he read comics which gave him nightmares and resulted in his mum trying to stop him reading them so he had to do so in secret. He did do a degree in English Literature and later got a job as a teacher and like a lot of students he did use drink and drugs for a while. At one stage he felt he needed coke and drink in order to write. He also whilst at university was very much opposed to the Vietnam War. None of his books has been out of print which is rare for a best selling author. The book Carrie was made into a film and in the book she destroyed the gas stations that then destroyed the town but this was left out of the film due to the budget constraints. I did really enjoy this book and am eager to read On Writing his autobiography and this book does stress a very human side to King.
review 2: I was a huge fan of Stephen King up until I read Under The Dome, which I found distressingly violent, particularly in its depiction of violence against women, but despite this was still looking forward to reading this biography. However, I found it unsatisfying with a void at its heart. It's no more than a gathering of cuttings from other works and interviews with people related to King, and to a lesser degree with King and his family. It doesn't say anything about what makes him tick or about writing that wasn't said 100 times better in his own books On Writing and Danse Macabre.If you know nothing about Stephen King and are just looking for some basis information about him, this book might do the job. Anyone looking for any deeper insight should look to the man's own works. less
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Probably more than I really wanted to know about his private battles, but still interesting.
I loved this book and thought that it gave an intimate look into the life of Stephen King.
put the book down as i couldn't get in to it will go back to it later
Emocionante e surpreendentemente tocante!
The best book about Stephen King.
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