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Memoirs Of A Gigolo Volume One (2000)

by Livia Ellis(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
1475267940 (ISBN13: 9781475267945)
review 1: *Book provided by author for a honest review*Now that's what I erotica. *Fans self.* "If I were to write a personal ad, it wouldread as follows: Me – Landed English Lord withcountry estate. Brown. Green. 6'. 160. Athletic. Fit. Harrow andTrinity educated. Bi-curious hedonist. Will leave no sexual leafunturned. Adores jet-setting playboy lifestyle. Broke as shit.Seeks wife with embarrassing amount of money and generous nature.In exchange for allowing me to continue exploring my sexuality and funding my extravagance, I will make you a COUNTESS!You – See above re: wealth. A reasonable level of hygiene and fitness would be a bonus, but not required. Contact Ollie fordetails." This is how we meet Oliver Adair; an english lord who finds himself with no money, and desperate... morely seeking a wealthy woman to make his wife. He's accustomed to a certain lifestyle, and he's determined to do so by marrying up, this leads him to hiring a matchmaker. The Matchmaker agrees to take him on but in doing so gives him an offer he can't refuse. Accompany one of her employees to Japan. Become an escort. This is where it starts. The diary of a gigolo. Oliver is something to behold. His character is both amusing and tantalizing. He's a bit messy, a bit stuck up and a lot hot. He makes the perfect gigolo. Tasteful sex scenes, and titilating dialogue make for a great beginner story. It has the potential to be a great series. I look foward to seeing where this will go.
review 2: The writing is stellar and the format rather refreshing without traditional dialogue. There Livia Ellis provided a deft touch. The main character is rather complex and very interesting as are the other characters. The pacing is terrific, descriptions are good. So why did I give this three stars?Admittedly, I struggled mightily between three and four stars, wishing it were possible to assign a three and a half star. I ultimately had to go with three because of how the main character behaved in choosing his path (atypical since a male would have gone down the easier and more familiar one) and some inaccuracies in a couple of the sex scenes, most specifically regarding sensation from a male POV.All that said, I was quite pleased with volume one, enough to continue with the series. :) Overall, this is a VERY enjoyable read and one I definitely recommend. less
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Interesting and hot read. Can't wait for the rest of these!
Sordid. And extremely offensive to this British reader.
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