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Trick Or Deadly Treat (2014)

by Livia J. Washburn(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 2
0451416694 (ISBN13: 9780451416698)
NAL Trade
Fresh-Baked Mystery
review 1: This is the first of 'The Fresh-Baked Mysteries' that I have read. This one included a dog, and that makes me happy as I have a pet Sheltie, Srormie. For those of you who may not recognized the term 'Sheltie', it stands for a Shetland Sheep Dog, and if I do say so myself, they are beautiful and intelligent dogs - Stormie is included in the 'beautiful and intelligent' category. This cozy seemed more serious than the others I have read or possibly, the main theme is more serious than the others I have read, but it did the trick (no pun intended), and kept my mind escaping. That is good. 3 1/2 stars.
review 2: I really enjoy Livia Washburn's Fresh-Baked mystery series for several reasons. Her characters are good ol' Texas down-home folks, people you'd want
... more living next door to you; the setting of Weatherford, Texas is realistic and charming; and the mysteries that Phyllis and her friends find themselves getting involved with are always interesting and intriguing. In "Trick or Deadly Treat," I was thrilled to find Sam Fletcher, Phyllis' gentleman friend and fellow retired teacher, getting to take a leading role in the mystery-solving and he really shines in this story. The two other retired teachers who board at Phyllis' home, Eve and Carolyn, take a little bit of a back-seat in this tale, although Carolyn is still there competing with Phyllis to see who is the best baker amongst them (as has happened in previous stories) - this time they are trying out doggie treat recipes as well as recipes for a magazine contest. This little competition is a fun part of this series, and Washburn delights her readers with scrumptious recipes at the end of the book! Washburn delivers a solid mystery with this book, along with all the fun. Her storytelling skills are evident in that readers will be surprised at "who dun it" in the end! I highly recommend this book for a charming Halloween read, or a fun "anytime" read for cozy mystery lovers! less
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I love Livia Washburn's books. Her characters are great and so are the recipes!
Love these books. I am going to try the berry oatmeal muffins at the end.
I loved the ending
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