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Pretty Girl-13 (2013)

by Liz Coley(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 6
0062127373 (ISBN13: 9780062127372)
Katherine Tegen Books
review 1: This book completely captivated my attention. I didn't expect this book to be so alluring, if anything I though it would have been a typical mystery book, but this novel was definitely a page turner and I could not put the book down! From the first page of the book I was already put into curiosity with what happened to this missing girl for three years. Chapter and chapter there were unexpected turn of events I didn't even see coming! It's a book worth reading, and I'd recommend it to anyone!
review 2: OMG! I think I just found my new favourite book of the summer, I could not put this book down, after finishing it last night all I kept thinking was wow that was so amazing. There were a few moments of tears definitely. The idea of DID was really new to me, I hea
... morerd of it on tv & stuff like that but read a story about it was so interesting. This book always kept me guessing, just when I thought things couldn't be more creepy it gets even creeper. Since I started this at like 1 am, I actually felt scared a few times. This is the first time I actually wish a book was a series cause for some reason I feel like something's are still unresolved. But all in all such a beautiful story, I'm soo happy I decided to sacrifice my sleep to read it. less
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I loved this book and is going to be one of my favourites this year...at least.
Si pudiera le daría un 6 de 5.
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