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En Plats I Solen (2008)

by Liza Marklund(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 3
9186067060 (ISBN13: 9789186067069)
Annika Bengtzon (Chronological Order)
review 1: It took me a bit to get into this one but once I was - I was hooked. It was a fascinating fictional look into the drug trade and all the consequences.,and there were so many different plots that it was hard to know which direction the book was going to take at any given time. There were definitely some twists that I never saw coming! I liked Annika as a main character and I'm interested that this is a series..I think it would've been helpful for me to read the previous book but I didn't think it was absolutely essential (although I guess you never know what you don't know when you don't read a book in a series) . I will definitely be keeping my eye on this Swedish thriller writer..another to add to my list. :)
review 2: Another book from the library Nordic Noir
... more selection/promotion. I found it really enjoyable and not terribly noir. It was set in Sweden, but also Andalucia and Morocco, and introduced me to Annika Bengtzon, a likeable character easy to identify with. In this long grey wet winter, I relished all the sunny scenes and I will certainly seek out more of this series of books, for it was interesting to approach the crime from the position of a journalist rather than the police - although, of course, the police were involved too. less
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like her style or the translator's. Hard to tell, hope the author can understand some English.
En väldans lättläst bok. Underhållande. Bra semesterläsning.
A little fast in the wrap up at the end but a great book.
Nye omgivelser, men samme seje Annika Bengtzon. :)
An excellent series.
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