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A Field Guide To Burying Your Parents (2009)

by Liza Palmer(Favorite Author)
3.74 of 5 Votes: 2
0446698385 (ISBN13: 9780446698382)
5 Spot
review 1: Ugh. Just ugh. Schmaltzy, cheesy, annoying tale about a woman who loses her mother and then abandons her entire family, only to return when her father is on his deathbed. The whole book was an overly sentimental, whiny discussion of death with every tortured, derivative metaphor you could imagine. Cheesy, cornball ending too. 2 stars because I actually managed to finish it and because I generally like this author.
review 2: To me, this was a pretty good book. Parts of it were really good though - I enjoyed the story of the main character's journey from hiding from her family and shutting down after her mother's death, to re-connecting with siblings and the acceptance that she found in doing so. I also liked the redemption of the estranged father's story. Som
... moreetimes we can decide that we are unloved by someone because their actions don't show it, but we can be so wrong. less
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Mindless - perfect for a beach vacation read.
Awesome book. A fun read
3.5 stars.
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