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Lord Of Wicked Intentions (2013)

by Lorraine Heath(Favorite Author)
3.53 of 5 Votes: 2
0062100033 (ISBN13: 9780062100030)
The Lost Lords of Pembrook
review 1: I've been reading regency novels for over 15yrs, and find the stories began to hold no uniqueness to me anymore. I was proven wrong with this story. Not only is the story well written/plotted, the author was able to draw you into a world of unforgiving aristocracy, mistreatment of unwanted children, and a person struggling to defeat his demons. This charming story shows us that an injustice can only hold power over you if you allow it. Sometimes the hard choices we make in life will defined who we will become later on. The moral fiber I got from this story is that when a choice is made to defeat ones demons, the choice to survive maybe an isolated and selfish act to live; however, ones inner soul is developing the determination to survive the trauma to ensure others ... moredon't suffer a similar fate. This was my first Lorraine Heath book, I have to read them all now. lol
review 2: I bought this because it was a daily deal, and when I first started to read thought I was going to regret my purchase as the heroine seemed like the type I really enjoy - the super innocent naive and sheltered young girl. I am glad I kept reading, though, because Evelyn quickly grew and became more deeply drawn than she'd been at the start of the book and in the end this was a really enjoyable read. less
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I really enjoyed this book. Strong characters, very good writing.
Good voice acting, standard historical romance fair.
its Heath at her best. enjoy all of her books.
Loved this series! Loved the characters!
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