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The Making Of Nebraska Brown (2014)

by Louise Caiola(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 2
1938750772 (ISBN13: 9781938750779)
Immortal Ink Publishing
review 1: So, Ana Lisa/Ann Leigh wakes up in a garden in Italy, mysteriously able to speak the language, and with an apartment and a hunky, hunky boyfriend. BUT, AL is having flashbacks/dreams of a life back in Nebraska with a not-so-hunky boyfriend. She starts investigating her double life with the help (?) of hunky-hunky boyfriend and girl friend Ren, and becomes convinced that she has a past life in Nebraska.And usually, I'm not a fan of the back and forth, past and present, but it works here.The dreams/flashbacks get longer and more detailed, so AL and HHB end up in the States, first in California to see a head doctor, and then to Nebraska. And, without giving too much away, AL learns some things in Nebraska, about herself and HHB.I want to be more enthusiastic about this book. ... moreThere's nothing that leaps out at me as a major flaw, and the story itself interesting. AL is well fleshed out, reasonably believable. And I would definitely read more by Ms. Caiola, and I really enjoyed her writing style. But for some reason this fell just below book love for me. But hey! Three stars, and I would definitely recommend it.
review 2: This isn't my usual genre. As all of you who come to my blog know, I’m more a paranormal type of girl. However I found the story to be highly engrossing. We have a whole mystery to discover who Ann Leigh or Ana Lisa really is.Ann Leigh has quite a few flaws. She’s spoiled, impulsive, and a bit brash, but I still liked her. She wasn’t going to let herself be sidetracked by the honeyed words of her boyfriend Tommy, especially when she suspected something was wrong. Tommy himself had me on ups and downs. I was torn between thinking her really loved her and that he was playing her in some way.This book kept me reading into a couple late nights just so I can find out what truly happened. This one had me guessing until the end. If you like a cozy mystery and a story about self-realization, then you should really pick up this book. less
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This is one of the best books I have ever read. A great story from cover to cover.
I loved this book! Heart wrenching, heartwarming, all in one package!
We assisted in the making of this. Congrats, Louise.
I really enjoyed this book!
Wonderful story.
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