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Francesca Of Lost Nation (2010)

by Lucinda Sue Crosby(Favorite Author)
3.92 of 5 Votes: 5
1450701671 (ISBN13: 9781450701679)
review 1: This book reminded me a little of To Kill A Mockingbird with the way it was written. Not terribly exciting until the end, but very well-written, I didn't regret spending my time with this book. Excessive descriptions of settings and areas usually irritate me, but this one really didn't. I enjoyed seeing Iowa in the late 40's through the eyes of a little girl. I felt Francesca was extremely deep for a character on the page, and I know she will stay with me for a while as I ponder her quirks and emotions, but I connected with Sarah the most. I realize that at times, the feelings and emotions this 10 year old girl exhibited was more than your ordinary child. Yet, I didn't feel this was impossible as Sarah seemed to be a deep thinker and character in her own right and the sett... moreing only added to the possibility of advanced knowledge. Rural Iowa with only a slight mention of 'moving pictures' is enough to amend this in my mind. I will read this again, if just to get a taste of a era gone by. There is a little bit of swearing.
review 2: Francesca of Lost Nation is a book that grabbed my heart, causing me to both laugh and cry. The relationships portrayed in the story are so special, making me wish that I could have had such a relationship with my grandmother. The story shares the life and times of Sarah and her grandmother (Francesca), living in Lost Nation, Iowa, circa 1947. It is always fun when a book can transport the reader back to a simpler life, but yet a time when the adventures of the characters just keep you wanting to turn pages. The fact that it is a love story between granddaughter and grandmother, as well as between grandmother and a younger man, adds to the levels of experiences within the book. There’s also a special dog within the story…I liked that, too. It truly is a fun book, and I found myself right there with the characters. Can you picture this? “Francesca started to laugh. She couldn’t stop laughing, and that made me laugh. Soon, we had a case of the giggles. Our stomachs hurt from so much laughing that all of a sudden I had to pee.” Exactly…you laugh, and then you may need a kleenex from time to time, also. Lucinda Sue Crosby wrote a great story…it is a book that lingers in my memories and I appreciate having had the experience of going on the journey with Francesca of Lost Nation. less
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This was a decent read. Many thanks to the author and Goodreads First Reads for the copy.
I loved this book. It combined romance, history and mystery into one enjoyable book!
The best book I've read in a long time. I highly recommend it.
very sweet story.
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