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Watch Over Me (Mercenary/Goddard Project, #9) (2009)

by Lucy Monroe(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
0758229178 (ISBN13: 9780758229175)
Mercenary/Goddard Project
review 1: I have to say I enjoyed Watch Over Me a lot more.Lana is a socially inept, not physically perfect scientist, her lack of social skills and the way she blurts out what she is thinking is often amusing and embarrassing for her. Mykola is a super secret Goddard Project's newest member, a true Alpha.I really liked the characters. The story was a little too predictable. But overall I enjoyed this one.
review 2: I wasn't sure about bringing Myk into a book since there wasn't too much mention of him in the other books, but boy am I glad that he was made a main character. Him and Lana were absolutely hilarious...mostly because of Lana. Her inability to filter and keep things in her head endeared Lana to me from the get-go. And Myk was usually so stoic, but around h
... moreer he couldn't quite keep it together...in a good way. Both of them came apart when they were together and they were all the better for it. great book less
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So far I'm really enjoying this book. Very funny, hot lead character. Lots of sexual tension.
LOVED! I KEEP THINKING..."'My'-kola"...MINE...*sigh...
Just not that exciting.
love this series!
3.5 out of 5
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