Two by Two – Nicholas Sparks

Well here goes my first blog post. I’m making it my goal this year to try and read at least one book a week. Seeing as I’ve been signed off work for 1 week and so far I’ve read a total of 4 books in the space of 1 week, I think I’m doing well.

Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite authors and I’m slowly working my way through all of his books. Two by Two doesn’t follow the typical romance book in the way it’s not boy meets girl, they fall in love and then everyone lives happy every after. This book is about Russell Green, his wife Vivian and their daughter London. It’s about so much more than a boy meets girl relationship. It’s about family love, how the love a parent gives a child is unique and unconditional, and also about how to trust in your own judgments.

Two by Two begins with Russell and Vivian married as a young couple expecting baby London. Once London is born, it is clear Russell is devoted to her in a way you would expect a first-time father to be. However since Vivian decides to quit her job to become a full time Mum, Russell finds himself working himself too hard to make ends meet. This means that he misses out on a lot of London’s initial childhood.

Moving forward a few years, London is approaching school age and Russell is having a hard time from his boss. Therefore Russell decides to go out on his own and set up his own business. Here’s where the trouble comes. Russell’s business does not start off as well as he had hoped. With months of struggle, Vivian decides to go back to work. All of a sudden Russell finds that he has full time care of London. Russell now has to balance caring for London, running a business, and trying to figure out if his wife still loves him.

Favourite things about the book:

  • Russell and London have ‘date night’. I love that from such a young age, Russell is showing his daughter what a proper date with a proper gentleman should look like. I fell like every little girl should know what it’s like to be treated like a princess. I loved how London would dress herself up and spend hours getting ready.
  • I loved the character of Emily. I won’t tell you who she is or that might give some of the story away. What made me love Emily is how supportive she was to Russell. She says one of my favourite quotes in the book: “It’s about someone who walks into your life, says I’m here for you, and then proves it.”
  • Russell’s Mum always wears aprons. I just loved this quirky little aspect and felt it was essential to her character.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book as it stepped away from Sparks’ normal themes. It explored a father and daughter relationship, the challenges that can occur but also the benefits of having such a strong relationship. It always explored the unconditional love between family members and how having these strong bonds can be the concrete pillar you need when times are crumbling.

Sparks’ is always able to amaze me with his books and always leaves me wanting more. I highly recommend reading Two by Two if you’re looking for a little bit of romance but with a deeper story behind it.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

P.s. This is Todd the whole time I’ve been writing this post. Curled up, head on my lap and snoring away! Oh the life of a pug!

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