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Reverend Feelgood (2010)

by Lutishia Lovely(Favorite Author)
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0758238657 (ISBN13: 9780758238658)
Hallelujah Love
review 1: I will admit that at the beginning of the book, I just couldn't stomach it; You got this 12 year old whose minister has fondled her and she goes to her mother who not only says it's cool but that she's special and honored and showed her scriptures about it. saying that it's alright for a man of God to cover his female flock; I'm going to admit, I was ready to throw the book in the garbage but I have enjoyed every one of Ms Lovely's previous books and felt the need to keep on moving. I will admit, I did judge the women here. I called them temple hos. say what you will or may it is what it is. A down home story about a young minister who still "covers" his female flock but gets a revelation that he is to marry the very young Destiny, daughter and granddaughter of one his fe... moremale "coverings", things get a bit twisted. Not to mention the majority of his flock doesn't want the boat rocked and keep things the way they are.
review 2: When opening this book it was hard to see where it was going. I was very distracted by a 28 year old man professing his love for a 16 year old. Made me cringe. I quickly began to get over that hurdle and trust me when I say do not let that detour you form the juiciness of this book. This is one of Lutisha Lovely’s best books yet. It seems she keeps getting better and better and continues to be my favorite. The story starts off about a man who leads a church starting from his very young 20s. He has a long history with the men in his family to consistently have sexual relations with a particular family of women , the Nobles. The story line is original and before you judge and look at these folks as crazy and loony, it all makes a full circle of “Now I get it” and when you do the intensity will scream through the roof of excitement and “Oh My Gods”. Another stellar job by this author who is no longer a stranger to the literary world, she is one of the leaders.Tamika NewhouseAAMBC Reviewer less
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Great book! One of my favorites in this series!
The book was good from start to finish.
So far I am thinking....OMG!!!
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