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All Up In My Business (2011)

by Lutishia Lovely(Favorite Author)
4.35 of 5 Votes: 2
075823869X (ISBN13: 9780758238696)
review 1: This is very well written book. One deterrent I have from reading black authors , is that a lot of the urban novels are ( in my opinion ) poorly written. This book is an exception to that stereotype. The characters are developed well, adn the storyline is very easy to follow. This is not "hood" novel, it is about a business family and the trials they face with that. I look forward to the second novel in the series.
review 2: This story engages the reader from the very beginning with a tale woven from a family business that spans a couple of generations. The Livingston family has built an empire from their love of and ability to cook soul food. The entire Livingston clan is involved in the business with the brothers Malcolm and Toussaint in charge. There is mo
... morere than one story being told but all are connected. While all appears to be the picture of perfection, beneath the smiles and wealth of the Livingston’s, there are secrets, lies and jealousy that threaten to tear the family apart. The reader will appreciate the pace of the story as it’s steady and flows easily. From a single mom to the top CEO of The Taste of Soul Restaurant, the characters all make for an excellent read. I believe that anyone reading this book will agree that it deserves 5 stars. Zandra BarnesAAMBC Reviewer less
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this book was so good i laughed enjoyed this family
Very interesting sorry. Love the characters!
slow start..powerful ending..ready for #2.
good read
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