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The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition (2012)

by Lynda Chance(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 4
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review 1: This was a short book that every once in a while calls to be read, when the humor strike and you want to read about that demanding hot alpha male that will get what he wants even if it is by scaring the sweet, delicate heroine a little bit. I know, I'm weird but it is so damn cute to see this story develop and whitness the change of the aloof hero and became so enthralled and addicted to that sweet soul the will change their lives for good.It was a great romance, depicted in the old western and the stagecoaches, keronsen lanters and petticotes are a great change after reading tons of contmporary.
review 2: That was wonderful! I mean, it was sweet and hard, romantic and tough and Luke and Emma are masters at hiding their emotionsWhat is the most amazing thing ab
... moreout the whole book is Luke's complete ability to see what he wants - even after he catches Emma in lie after lie, he only sees what he wants when he is intimate with her. Never once does he let himself consider she is not exactly what she has statedHowever, the fact that he cares for her is so apparent, I still chuckle when I think of him and the showdown with the Sheriff in his kitchen over Emma. He tells her why he can't keep her but you can tell he is trying to convince himself and not her, but she doesn't know. Based on the life that she has already had, she takes everything he tells her to heart as it feeds on her own doubts. The big lug can't figure out why he upsets her and then vows to keep herStraight up conflict all the time, sweet anticipation, and even sweeter encounters, everyone needs a book like this to pick them up whenever they feel down! less
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I don't know what it is about westerns and cowboys..... but it always gets me hot and bothered!!!
Not as spicy as her books usually are but still a very good story with a dominant cowboy.
Evoked a lot of emotion between the two main characters..
Kinda drags out, not one of my favorites.
Not her best but good. Love her books.
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