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Bílá Cesta (2013)

by Lynn Flewelling(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: I hesitatnty give The White Road 4 stars. Though it was better than the previous one, it was not on par with Both Stalking Darkness and Traitors Moon. It is good that the characters in this book are more realised, and less focused around a single objective (such as being free in the last one), and Micum makes a welcome return and, in my opinion, really helps to hold to book together. Actually getting to see Riga this time also improves the sketchy outlines of Plenimar in the last book, and there are some great locations. I did feel that the plot thread around the Hazad was a little contrived, especially with the witches, and found the 'agreement' they reach at one point, without giving away spoilers, to be a little bit contrived. Another criticism I have is that I felt tha... moret our heroes are completely useless at running away and escaping, which is completely uncharacteristic of them. Despite Faie steeds, and a head start, they seem to get themselves caught very easy indeed. The books have moved away from the usual swashbuckling now, which I miss a little, as I liked the secrets and traps of the first book. There have been small elements of it throughout, but I would like to see more.Irrespectively, I still really liked the book, I am invested in the characters now, and am looking forward for the next one to arrive in the post. Whatever small plot holes that I have found so far, well, there is two more books to sort both of them out.
review 2: I should give this book five stars on the sole ground that Micum was along for the entire ride but I could only stand so much of Alec playing mama bear. Even though the amount of action was pretty satisfying this time as well as the main story arc, I feel something's been missing in the last two books. We're very close to the end of the series and there should be a bigger plot that drives everything else around, like the Helm at the beginning of the series. Maybe I'm missing it or the Rekharo will actually play a bigger part in all this but I hope the story ties back to the war and the royal family in the next one. I miss my Rhiminee! less
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It was good to read about Alec & Seregil, even if it wasn't as good as the first three books.
Enjoyable to see the characters again but a weak plot.
love this author and these characters
4.5 stars
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