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Casket Of Souls (2012)

by Lynn Flewelling(Favorite Author)
4.13 of 5 Votes: 1
0345522303 (ISBN13: 9780345522306)
review 1: It is fun to read, the dialogs are witty as in the preceeding five novels but the characters start to be "boiled in their own juice" ("kochen im eigenen Saft"; German proverb). Everything revolves around the known characters aside from the princess. The heros Alec and Seregil start out by buying a theater for a company a friend of theirs fancies, which turn out to be not as respectable amd more dangerous as desired. And when the daughter of Micums family - Micum and his doughter being other central figure in the series is affected by the "plague" in this volume, I started to get annoyed. It is like modern "mystery soap operas" where the detectives deal mostly with their love affairs, relationships and families and handle their jobs more or less unprofession... moreally.
review 2: Somewhat meh unfortunately. It's a shame that Flewelling seemed to reach her peak with the third book in the series and it's been downhill all the way since then. The essentialness of Seregil and Alec really has been lost somewhere along the way, and the two now seem to be straight out of slash fanfic. It's sad as the first three books had so much going for them, and the Tamir Triad is a really interesting and thought-provoking series. less
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Still wondering when I developed a big soft spot for Thero.
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