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Shards Of Time (2014)

by Lynn Flewelling(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
0345522311 (ISBN13: 9780345522313)
Del Rey
review 1: A fine finish for the series. It carries much of the flavor I enjoyed in the first three novels, particularly the sense of mystery and looming supernatural evil. I missed some of the deeper character development of the first stories, but Klia's storyline in particular offered enough substance to keep me engaged. I could quibble with other details, but overall, the book wraps up the series in a very satisfying fashion.
review 2: I would not recommend this book. I bought it for John because it intrigued me - someone being murdered by unseen forces out of a rift. I did not realize until I started reading it that it's likely the second book in a series. For all that, it's still quite understandable. However, it had a little too much evil, ghosts and necromancy f
... moreor my taste. It ranks as the first book I've read with the two main characters being gay.The plot is rather intriguing - ghost stories always are - as one wonders what ghosts and weird sights they will find next. Yet, there is an element of unbelievability that threw me out of the story as the characters did things that did not make sense. Point 1: The govenor and his mistress were murdered gruesomely, reportedly by ghosts, that no one can do anything about. Let's go sleep in his bedchamber at midnight and SEE WHAT HAPPENS!Point 2: A man disappeared mysteriously in a hallway and came back somewhere else, badly injured. Let's go SEARCH THAT HALLWAY AGAIN and see what happens!Really? What are these people thinking, I wondered. I suspect horror type books are frequently like this, but I can't say for certain, as I don't read many. It turned out they were fighting a bad necromancer. There was one magician in their party. It was an ok book. But really, not worth the time. Read something more interesting, people. Unless you really want to read a book about ghost stories and people doing dumb things. And it gave in some ways, a fairly accurate description of evil that was creepy. It creeped me out, until I got thrown out of the story by the dumb things the characters did. less
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Characters' dialog needs to be more distinctive to their personalities; they all sound the same.
So sad to be leaving these characters, but this was such a great send-off.
Everything I love about this series all in one book. What DO I do now?
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