A Brief History Of How I Discovered Dan Brown

It was a cozy afternoon when I walked into a dusty library. Sounds mundane, doesn’t it? I perused the tomes, my eyes flicking between countless spines, each bearing a specific call. However, it was only one that truly lured me in- and in this sentence lies the very spectacular element of the story. I picked  the book up, assessed the way it felt in my hands, relishing in the comforting weight it provided. I admired the beautiful blue and the symbol adorning the cover as my fingers dragged over the title. It read “Deception Point” by a certain Dan Brown.

I was intrigued. I had heard of his books and the summary of the one I was currently holding certainly piqued my interest- hence my decision of taking the book into the confines of my home. A few days later, I had already finished it and decided that reading everything Dan Brown ever wrote was to be my mission in life.

Two weeks after that time, however, I had to take the book back to the library. It was with deepest sorrow that I returned it, but I knew that I had set on a noble mission and was eager to get started.

Weeks passed and I didn’t manage to find any other of his books in that dusty library. Days bled into months, and soon enough I had all but forgotten about my noble quest. That was, of course, until my feet led me into a bookshop in some distant city I was visiting. My mom, as usual, was kind enough to treat me with the wonderful gift of Dan Brown’s entire writing- apart from a single book they didn’t have in stock. Can you guess what it was?

Deception point.

I was a little disheartened at the prospect of not owning the very book that prompted me into my love for Dan Brown’s writing, but that was quickly surpassed by the joy I felt holding the other five books he wrote. And so my journey began.

(I still have two of his books to read, but they’ll probably get crossed off of my TBR soon.)

Unbeknownst to me, the future still had great things in store for my quest. A while later, I was visiting London with my mother, a trip I still hold near and dear to my heart. As we were strolling along the Thames’ banks, we stumbled across a secondhand bookshop held in the open air. Naturally, we had to stop and marvel at all the different worlds gazing at us from various cramped boxes.

What do you think I found, a gem hidden amongst heaps of other little treasures? My very old friend, a book with a blue cover and a cryptic symbol on its very weary spine. The title read “Deception” by Dan Brown.

And my collection turned complete.

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