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The White Road (2010)

by Lynn Flewelling(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
055359009X (ISBN13: 9780553590098)
review 1: I agree with a lot of reviews saying that White Road isn't as interesting as the last few books. However, i can't help but think two things that kept my rating on the higher end:1. Even a "not as good" book by Lynn Flewelling is still a far shot better than lots of books I read by other authors.2. What if this is the slow and necessary set up for something really awesome in the next couple books? Considering Flewelling's other fantastic work, it wouldn't be all that surprising.So with those things in mind, I'm gonna push on through to the next book and find out if this is a one-time thing or if the series was just better in the beginning. My review will have to stay high until proven otherwise.
review 2: I don't care if other "true fans" were bitching about Seb
... morerahn and how he squicked them out and how annoying these past couple of books have been because the characters are too reactive. This is that amazing part where character development happens. It is fantasy, you know, and not thriller, so it's okay for it to not be (and I paraphrase) "action-y enough and political-machination-y enough" and all that shit. It's a bit heavy-handed, but it's clearly developing Alec's character beyond that poor lost naive child we met in bk 1. He's still got his big heart, but he's got a bit more world-weary wisdom now and that shadow of loss that makes people interesting and deep. If anything, I dread the next book because apparently back to the roots is where we're heading. less
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Still didn't like the rhekaro, and this book was all about it.
NOT THE BEST BY FAR _ I really hope this plot line is over.
I am continuing my love affair with this series.
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