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Her Ladyship's Curse (2013)

by Lynn Viehl(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 5
1476722315 (ISBN13: 9781476722313)
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Disenchanted & Co. Book 1, Part
review 1: This was a fun, quick snowy Saturday evening read. I really like her storytelling and have already preordered the next book in the series. If you are new to the Steampunk genre, it may be a bit confusing to you because Viehl assumes you know the conventions of the world. There is more magic than steam in this world which makes it an interesting contrast to some of the others in the genre as does the fact that it takes place in an America that lost the revolution.
review 2: While I find the world intriguing and the plot interesting, there are a few issues that caused me to stop reading early. First is a scene where the protagonist dresses as a Native American complete with Brown face, and then a "romance" that begins with a loathsome man forcing himself on
... morethe protagonist, groping and kissing against her will until she gives in to his masculinity. The former is offensive to many ethnic groups, the latter perpetuates the unacceptable belief that women enjoy unwanted sexual advances and that it is acceptable to harass a woman physically and mentally until she gives in to her "desire" for the man in question. This could have been a wonderful book, but offensive choices on the author's part ruined it for me. less
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3.5 stars. Much better than I expected.
3 stars
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