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The Heiress (2011)

by Lynsay Sands(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
0061963097 (ISBN13: 9780061963094)
Madison Sisters
review 1: This damn book is so hard to rate. Of the three pairings in this series, Suzette and Daniel are far and away my favorite! Their scenes together are vibrant and sexy and stayed with me long after I finished the book. However, while this book takes place simultaneously with The Countess, the first book in the series, it is very clumsily executed. Most of the book is recap from the first, which felt tedious. My friend and I read it together, and we both just skipped past the summaries. They were so dull. The problem is the A plot for the first book was still essentially the A plot for the second. Sands should have given Suzette another plot entirely. Instead, I view this as just supplementary to the first book, and not a full story in its own right. However, the book is still... more well worth your time just for the romance. Suzette and Daniel are electrifying and get into such hilarious problems. I just think they were short-changed, is all.
review 2: I don't think I can finish this book! I am completely dumbfounded that ANYONE can even give this book above a one star! I was loving Lynsay Sand's writing up until this book! It is a simple re-write of the first book, insert main char name change here. I often depend on the reviews to let me know if a book has potential. I skipped looking at the reviews on this second book based on how good the first book was. I wish I hadn't. That said, even if I HAD looked at the reviews there are so many people here rating it 3 star and up that it is stupid. I would have still tried to read it based on that. All I can think is how bored are you people that you made it through this second book and actually rated it more than one or possible two stars. Completely disappointed! less
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full of adventure..,.and suspence
4 1/2 Stars
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