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The Single Woman: Life, Love, And A Dash Of Sass (2013)

by Mandy Hale(Favorite Author)
4.28 of 5 Votes: 2
1400322316 (ISBN13: 9781400322312)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
review 1: This book is a cute read for ALL woman. The author describes just about every type of woman out there: single, divorced, single-mother, etc.There were soo many quotes I loved in the book. However, did not write them all down. This book would have had 5 stars, however, I personally feel the author praised herself for doing good too much in the book. Remembering to put yourself first in a relationship, is often hard for people. Remembering to be patient, and wait for the right one , while accomplishing your own goals and living your best single life can be tricky. This is the point author makes in the book, and provides examples. The author also provides checkpoint questions in the book, which allows you to stop and think.For a quick fun read, pick-up this ... morebook.
review 2: This book has come into my life at the perfect time. I have been feeling awful because I'm not married yet and I have a career to still focus on. I enjoyed reading parts of this book and then some parts were either repetitive or words of wisdom I was already familiar with. one thing this book did for me was make me realize how strong of a woman I am and yet I always thought I was so weak. I realized this because most of the stuff this book preaches I already do, so not much new in it for me besides the realization that I should stop the self pity party that I occasionally indulge in. anyhow, this is a quick book to breeze through and I would somewhat recommend it to anyone struggling with a quarter life crisis maybe... not crazy about it though. good enough to borrow and read and return. less
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To date, this is the non-fic book that I never wanted to end.
Loved the encouragement you get from reading these books!
survival guide for every single woman.
An OK book.
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