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Is It Me Or My Hormones?: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly About PMS, Perimenopause, And All The Crazy Things That Occur With Hormone Imbalance (2013)

by Marcelle Pick(Favorite Author)
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1401942741 (ISBN13: 9781401942748)
Hay House
review 1: It makes perfect sense. I used to feel like an emotional mess before my cycle. I thought it was just me. I'm happy to know that it is not just me and I can fix it. Our diet is so important to the health of our bodies. Since I went vegan I know the lack of protein and high carb diet I followed affected me. I'll reluctantly add fish and eggs but can't eat meat. I tried her breathing exercise when I woke on a workday and it was hard to regulate my breath. The supplement diet I did find overwhelming and will probably try some of the one's I'm already familiar with. overall great info.
review 2: At first I thought this was a good book for all women but truly much of the information is stuff that you can easily get online. Sure it makes you feel that you are not
... morealone with your crazy hormones but forums, blogs and Facebook would do the same thing. Most of the book contains recipes and many of them with food products that are likely to be only easily obtained in certain parts of the USA. I was disappointed in the end. less
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Enjoyed the book. Good overview of things I've learned before.
Great information every woman should read !
Changed my life.
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