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The Core Balance Diet: 4 Weeks To Boost Your Metabolism And Lose Weight For Good (2009)

by Marcelle Pick(Favorite Author)
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1401922015 (ISBN13: 9781401922016)
Hay House
review 1: This isn't a simple little laundry list and POOF! you'll be thin. I liked how the author gets you involved by talking to you directly, with a check list at the beginning of assessing how you feel and what your goals are. I don't think this is anything NEW, in the dietary world. Eat right, eliminate white, processed foods (breads, pastas, marshmallows :P ), add color (leafy greens, bright fruits and veggies), and exercise. 5 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going, etc. This is another e-book I received from the publishers for an honest review. And it's another one that I would want in physical form so that I could take notes and reference it easily. I'm finding it harder to review books such as these where it is a very personal interaction. There isn't a story, oth... moreer than the story of you and your new way of eating.
review 2: Your health puzzle has four corners, four essential elements of your self that take part in your internal conversation. They are: your physical body, everything from your DNA to your nutrition; your instincts, including your spiritual impulses and your reactions to pain and pleasure; your emotions, all your feelings, moods, and memories; and your intellect, your thinking self. p21If stress is unremitting, one of the ways your body compensates is to go into self-protection mode by switching metabolic gears (a trait stemming from our feast-or famine past). Like laying in a lot of wood in anticipation of a cold winter, your body protects itself from long-term stress by storing potential energy as fat instead of burning it. This weight is protective, insulating weight meant to carry you through tough times. p23Remember, restoring your Core Balance means entering into a whole new relationship with your body--one based on dialogue. Your body speaks a primitive language--the language of physical symptoms--and your wellness depends on your ability to understand what it's telling you. p24 less
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So much more than just a diet! It's more of a how-to-live guide. Yummy recipes and amazing advice.
This diet works for me! The recipes are outstanding.
An interesting idea but nothing really new.
It's hitting home with me...
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