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The Bewitching Of Amoretta Ipswich (2000)

by Marcia Lynn McClure(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
Three Little Girls Dressed in Blue
review 1: 4 STARSI read the second book in this series first and the next book I wanted to read was The Bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich. Now it would be nice if the next book was out now I would read it. Reading out of order I knew how a lot of the book would end. So I would recommend reading in order. But I still enjoyed both books.Amoretta Ipswich is not happy that her father took her from Boston to Meadowlark lake out west. She left the boy she thought she would marry, her mother and brother's grave. She falls for the good looking young men that the most other girls in town like. She can't take her eyes off him. Amoretta is the middle sister.Calliope is the baby sister at 17. Evangeline is the oldest at 21The three sisters are close in age and friends.Their father is the new count... morey Judge Lawson Ipswich. A widower for the past 6 years. He does not want his girls to grow up to be snobs.Someone is killing animals. People's pets and wild ones too. The Sheriff and Judge try to keep it quite while they check it out. The judge checks out the Gypsy women and her daughter that live in the woods by themselves close to his new house. He is surprised that Kissy is so young and beautiful. She is not much older than his daughters.Kizzy and her daughter Shay are so friendly. I love Shay and look forward to seeing more of her.Some of the twists and turns of the book took me by surprise while others you could guess where the story was going to go. (course some I knew from reading Sweet Bliss of Calliope) I have not heard all of those Halloween traditions. For a book that was using the word lover a lot all anyone did was some kissing.Had good suspense of who was killing the animals.I bought this ebook on Amazon late
review 2: OOooooh! So exciting to know this is the first of a trilogy! Oh how I loved this book! I love all of Marcia's books, but once again I fell in love with the characters in the story. The imagery throughout made you feel like you were living in MeadowLark Lake and with all these wonderful people. I felt bewitched reading this book and I can't wait to read more about this wonderful family and the lives of the Ipswich sisters! Green Beans! ;) less
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Cute. Can't decide on 3 or 4 stars though. Have to admit I liked the Dad's romance story better!
Loved all the different story lines. The romance is always good?
I can't wait til the next ones come out! This one was wonderful!
Really cute!
3.5 stars
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