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The Secret Bliss Of Calliope Ipswich (2000)

by Marcia Lynn McClure(Favorite Author)
4.26 of 5 Votes: 3
Three Little Girls Dressed in Blue
review 1: 5 STARS This is charming western romance. I have never heard of a Tom Thumb wedding but it would be fun to see. I loved the play and how everyone got involved. This story had romance, a hero, outlaws, gun battle, cute characters. Everyone thinks that Calliope and Fox are a couple except Calliope. Her heart has already been taken but no one knows or do they. Calliope gets the idea to put on a Tom Thumb wedding and get the town involved in it. The Ipswich girls play together. The two oldest at home are not afraid to play with their younger sister.it is playing ponies or catching frogs. They love Shay and their new step-mom. Calliope Ipswich is the youngest at home at 17. She is beautiful. Shay is very young a step-sister. She is part gypsy and claims to know lots of secrets ... morethat people don't think anyone knows yet. She gets to be the bride. Rowdy has lots of secrets about his past. He owns the saw mill but no one knows except the last owner that sold it to him. He does not think Calliope could like him. But Shay makes a friend of him. This is a pretty clean book. Lots of kissing, lots of love and lots of laughter. It makes for a good story to savor. I have not read the first book in the series but I am going to buy it and read soon. I have read the bewitching of Amoretta Ipswich and gave it 4 stars. Look forward to the next book in the series. I like how after the story is over Marcia Lynn McClure tells little bit about writing a book she calls them Snippets. Like her photo of a Tom Thumb wedding or how she used to play kiss and chase. (I remember playing that in the neighborhood too. I like reading her facts about what she learned or why she added something to the story. I was given this ebook to read and in exchange agreed to give honest review of The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich
review 2: This is the most recent Marcia Lynn McClure book and is book 2 in the Three Little Girls Dressed in Blue series. Book 3 releases later this month. Although I'm thinking after reading this one we might need a follow up so we can get the 4th sister's story when Shay grows up...I've really enjoyed reading all of Marcia's books. This one was no exception. It was a nice sweet escape. The Secret Bliss of Calliope Ipswich follows Marcia's typical story line but that is not a detraction for me but rather the reason why I love her books. I pick them up knowing what I will get and have not yet been disappointed. As always we have a handsome swoon worthy hero, lots of passionate kissing and of course Marcia's signature scene where the hero removes his shirt.I love that all of Marcia's characters are good people with good hearts. The hero in this one starts off as a secret so I won't reveal his name but I loved him. I had never heard of a Tom Thumb wedding and found the author notes at the back to be interesting. If you love clean romance then give one of Marcia's books a try. However this is not the one to start with because it is part 2 in a series. Rating: 5 Stars - I loved itContent: mild language and passionate kissingSource: Review copy less
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Beautiful scenery. Sweet characters. Some surprises. A pleasure to read.
kind of anti-climactic...and it ended REALLY quick
I thought this book was great. I loved it :)
cute story.
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