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The Light Of The Lover's Moon (2000)

by Marcia Lynn McClure(Favorite Author)
4.18 of 5 Votes: 2
review 1: “The Light of the Lover’s Moon” is the second book I’ve read by author Marcia Lynn McClure. I don’t think I’ve ever used the word sweet in describing a book, but that’s just what I would call it, a very sweet story of two kids that meet again after a ten-year absence. Violet and Stoney were the best of friends, inseparable childhood soul mates more accurately. Violet, age 11, and Stoney, age 13, were sadly separated when her parents moved away from their little town of Rattler Rock. Violet’s parting gifts to her best friend was a small photo of herself she took from her mother, and a promise of someday returning. Stoney’s gift to her was also a small photo, and the carving he made on “their tree”, a heart with their initials.Ten years later, Violet re... moreturns as the town schoolteacher. She carefully and quietly seeks information on Stoney and how he is doing, her parting childhood promise at the back of her mind. Stoney is now the owner of a mysterious house that is well known to keep two ghosts, their light only visible when the moon is full. Violet and Stoney have changed, but the closeness they shared as children is carefully re-awakened in a very sweet story, laced with mystery. “The Light…” is a fast read. I wish it were longer! The plot could have been deeper, but it was still good! I really liked the characters – even the very dead Buddy Chisolm, who was pretty fascinating! The twists at the end were very well done: one I get credit for partially predicting; the others were nice surprises! This is a keeper in my personal library and a someday re-read. Think I’ll try another book by Marcia Lynn McClure!
review 2: Oh how I loved this book. I could not put it down and stayed up way to late to finish it. I've read my fair share of McClure's books and I got to say this one has to be my favorite. Never did I think that any could beat out Dusty Britches but The Light of the Lovers' Moon surely did! This story seemed to have more depth than the ones I've read in the past, which I love. What a sweet love story. I defiantly recommend reading this book. less
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This is one of my favorites of MLM. I have read it a couple of times.
Cute story. I really liked it!
I loved this book so much!!!
I thought this one was fun!
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