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Weathered Too Young (2010)

by Marcia Lynn McClure(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
0982192118 (ISBN13: 9780982192115)
Distractions Ink
review 1: I'm at 60% and forcing myself to continue. The book just keeps going and going with no real conflict or anything really interesting happening for that matter. Lark's thoughts are just grating and nonsensical, it's very frustrating reading her thoughts and her interpretation of Slater's obvious interest in her - to her all the kissing and attention he gives her is just flirtation and can't possibly mean he's interested (I wouldn't be able to count the numbers of times she drones on and on about it throughout the book cause it happens so often). I understand innocence but the conclusions she draws from his obvious interest are just stupid. Oh, and the entire mistletoe scene was just strange. I really don't understand the high reviews. I'll finish it, at the very least skim... more till I get to the end, but I know for sure that this one is not a keeper.
review 2: Sorry, but a hero that talks like a 'dimwit' just does nothing for me!I totally love this author's Highwayman Of Tangelewood,and A Crimson Frost,but have come to see that she is hit or miss with me. I often am put off by her weird choice of character names,and this is the second book by her where the characters speak like ignoramuses!I have no doubt that all our old western hits-ie.~ Roy Rogers,Rawhide,Gunsmoke,Bonanza,ect. would not have been the great hits that they were if the writers had made them all speak like dunces with horrid grammar!I also strongly dislike romances between men old enough to be the female's father or older,Ewwwww!How could any modern day female fall in love with a hero who talks like some unbelievable comedic hick character? There are far far more appealing romance heroes to discover!I didn't even attempt to finish this one. :[Glad this was a Kindle Freebie! less
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Second most reread romance novel. US Marshall William Slater Evans can save me anytime.
A very fun western clean romance. I think I will be reading more of her books.
It dragged out towards the end. It had some nice rustic elements.
3 1/2 stars
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