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Summer Sunsets (2011)

by Maria Rachel Hooley(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 3
1452815720 (ISBN13: 9781452815725)
review 1: I LOVED IT!!!!I went straight on to this after reading October breezes and just WOW!!It was good!I have to say since ive never been in the situation i dont know how i would dealSo i cant make assumptions about Skye taking so long and to accept that she could be lovedI ABSOLUATELY LOVED Devin!!!....I WANT a Devin!!It was a Great ending and seemed to give Closure to not just the characters but the reader as well!!This is not a stand alone book so PlZ read October Breezes Before reading this understand everythingREAD IT!
review 2: I would recommend this to anyone that has read October Breezes. This book takes place many years after (Devin & Skye are just out of college). I liked this book mainly as a follow-up to the first book. If you enjoyed October Breezes,
... moreyou will like this book.Again, Skye did a bit to irritate me again. I think Devin is a saint, and way too perfect. I can't tell you know many times I sighed in aggravation at Skye. The end gave me closure and I hope that they finally have their happy ever after. less
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Editing errors and factual errors were distracting. And Skye needed to be slapped sometimes.
Beautiful ending for this amazing love story :')
an excellent book
omg i love devon
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