The Untold

“Sapiens rule the world because only they can weave an intersubjective web of meaning: a web of laws, forces, entities and places that exist purely in their common imagination. This web allows humans alone to organise crusades, socialist revolutions and human rights movements.” 

Y.N. Harari – Ancient Terran Philosopher


It’s nothing like you imagine. No grandeur. No fanfare. No heroes. Just the stank of piss and blood. Darkness and hushed words. Assassins and twists. The flicker of dying glow globe and the slow whine of the hab systems. Nothingness in the middle of nowhere. 

The children of the Emperor, clad in black armor of contempt, arming to kill his subjects, in his name.


Non Original Normal.

The hobby before seeing the original Sisters of Battle codex cover and after. Before the Inquisitor rule book and after. Before and After Rosethorn. Before and after Pilgrym. Before and after the Forge World Primarchs. Before and after the plastic Witch Huntress. Game changing events that shaped the Warhammer 40000 universe in their own ways.

The Inquisitor in black and retinue. Done to death. Nothing to add.

This is what I’ve decided to do next. Necromunda is back and Iron Sleet is priming for the epic war in the Thorn Moons. The Ordos are going in. There will be plenty of 40k devastation, but also the untold war in the shadows to murder truth.

And I want to play with these new incredible miniatures – these brilliant gestures from Games Workshop that still feel  hard to believe exist – Sisters of Silence, Plastic Necromunda gangs, Huge gods of war in resin… Build a little collection of exquisite miniatures and paint them largely with oil paints.

Thank you.


Baroness Aretha Zahed, Witch Hunter, Ordo Hereticus



The Art that inspired a generation


and last but not least a little tease of things to come…

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