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Digital Barbarism (2009)

by Mark Helprin(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 4
0061733113 (ISBN13: 9780061733116)
review 1: I thoroughly enjoyed this book despite Helprin's controversial views and crotchety tone. Here's why: 1. It's extremely well-written. Helprin has an impressive vocabulary yet he doesn't write cumbersome, circular sentences. 2. His arguments contain insights so sharp that they leave you questioning ideas you've unconsciously taken for granted. Whether or not you agree with him, you will leave this book feeling more conscious of your own views. I highly recommend it.
review 2: This book is poorly argued. It displays a complete lack of understanding of the movement it claims to describe and oppose, not to mention Internet culture. In fact the whole argument is based on the largest straw man this side of the Burning Man festival. I want desperately to hate
... moreit, but the prose is beautiful. How could I hate any book that, in discussing a youthful pilfering of corn from an Iowa farmer uses the phrase: "he had thousands of acres of corn and, perhaps like Van Gogh, would not have missed a single ear"? I can't. I found this actually an enjoyable and engaging read, although perhaps when judging an essay large logical missteps should count for more. less
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Helprin is my favorite author, but this treatise against the digital was best left as an op ed.
Excellent! Probably the best piece of modern philosophy I've read recently.
Funny for those of us who blog and endure bizarre responses.
Gloriously beautiful.
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