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The Book Of Riley 2 A Zombie Tale (2000)

by Mark Tufo(Favorite Author)
4.48 of 5 Votes: 5
The Book of Riley
review 1: Walking Dead meets The Incredible Journey! This is as good if not better than Tufo's other z series. You will love this series if you are an animal lover, or a zombie lover, and if you are both you just can't miss this. Very detailed, great animal characters, and on the edge of your seat zombie action. Ever wonder what your dog or cat is really thinking when they are barking at nothing or randomly slapping you with a claw? This series gives you a pretty good idea what might be going on in their furry little heads!
review 2: So the action starts off straight back into the thick of things, no need for a recap; thank you Mr Tufo for being brave and recognising your loyal fans. (plus if you are so idiotic as to pick up a no.2 book and complain about no back story,
... more you really should not be able to read!).The new developments are interesting! the dog fights were horrific.I do hope Mia survives and becomes part of the pack....she is a great new character.As Rileys humans are trying to get to Mike Talbot & his family (Zombie Fallout series) and they are not mentioned in the new book (6) I hope they make it and find them in book 7. Really would love to see Henry and Riley face rub.So much humour in this novella its sometimes hard then to swallow all the sadness and horror that comes with it; between bad men and dog fights this was essentially a sad book, it was bad enough that Santa died. less
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Fun book, love the author. Looking forward to the next in the series.
I didn't like this one as much as the first but still very clever!
was iffy at first but was a great series
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