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A Couple Of Boys Have The Best Week Ever [With Hardcover Book(s)] (2008)

by Marla Frazee(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
1430108487 (ISBN13: 9781430108481)
Live Oak Media (NY)
review 1: A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever, a storybook written and illustrated by Marla Frazee, is about two young boys named James and Eamon. These ordinary boys spend a week of their summer vacation living with Eamon’s grandparents and going to Nature Camp. Bill, Eamon’s grandpa, constantly wants to share his knowledge of Antarctica and love for penguins. Pam, Eamon’s grandma, has a passion for cooking. Eamon’s grandparents are laid back in the sense that are happy to have the boys be independent and make their own decisions. At the same time, they still manage to take care of them and let them experience new things without forcing them to do anything. While being away at Nature Camp, it ends up being the best week ever. Their free time ends up being spent on wat... moreching television, eating waffles, and playing video games. In this hilarious celebration for young boys, Frazee captures the true meaning of not only summer vacation itself, but what it means to be a kid. Frazee successfully brings out the essence of great humor and adventure through her brightly colored cartoon-like illustrations. Although James and Eamon appear to be cartoon-like, they become distinguishable by the different characteristics of their hair styles. Furthermore, her pencil-and-gouache illustrations show just how different the two boys are, with Eamon only having a few belongings and James bringing his entire room with him. Throughout the book, the illustrator does a great job at comically contradicting the images with the text that is shown. When James arrives with a year’s worth of belongings, the text sarcastically reads, “...and finally James arrives, with just a couple of his belongings.” Frazee’s alliterative expressions draws the reader in as well with the phrase, “Pam said she preferred people over penguins.” Overall, this light hearted storybook shows the realistic relationship that two young best friends share with one another during summer vacation. A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Ever ensures lots of laugher and cheers up audiences who are anticipating those summer months to come.
review 2: James and Eamon are friends who attend a week of nature camp while staying with James's grandparents on the beach. This book is a lot of fun and filled with humor, however I felt like most of the humor was aimed at the adults who might be reading this to children. Due to quote bubbles and a somewhat choppy storyline, this book would be difficult for a librarian to read for a story time program or to a class. I think it is a good book for parents to read with their children though, and I think early elementary aged children would particularly get a kick out of the humor in this book. less
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Fun story of two boys that spend a week with an elderly couple and go to day camp.
Awesome. Loved this book. Great writing and illustrations.
Some adult humor, realistic, not real adventure camp.
CRF--Humor/ Every day life
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