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A Couple Of Boys Have The Best Week Ever (2008)

by Marla Frazee(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
0152060200 (ISBN13: 9780152060206)
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review 1: With humorous text and comic-like images, this book is sure to entertain elementary school students. The book is about two little boys who go to stay at one of their grandparents so they can go to nature camp. As the story goes on James and Eamon become best friends and want to do everything together. During their down time it was hard to get the boys to go outside to play on the beach, but as the story draws to an end they decide to show what they have learn over the week from Eamon’s grandfather about penguins and Antarctica. This is a fun book that could be read aloud before summer break, but the educational value of reading this book isn’t much. The images are fun and you get to see what the boys are thinking or say with air bubbles. The images also have a lot o... moref color and are very life like. For me personally this is not one of my favorite children books, but I believe that children would love reading it.
review 2: James and Eamon go to stay with Eamon's grandparents for a whole week during the summer. They thrive as Eamon's grandparents spoil them, and they enjoy doing things that typical boys do during the summer.The story itself sounds like a story of..'remember that one week we spent at Grandma and Grandpa's...' There's no real lesson to the story, it is just fun and realistic. Kids will probably relate to having grandparents with some eccentric hobbies (Grandpa in this story is obsessed with all things Antarctica. He was my favorite part of the story.), and the fun they can get away with under just Grandma's eyes. The illustrations are what really make this book, though. They are fun and reminiscent of graphic novels or comics. This would be a great pick for a Grandparents' Day. less
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Really cute book about friendship and spending time with grandparents.
Genre: picture book, realistic fiction
A sweet story.
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