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H10 N1 (2000)

by Marsha Cornelius(Favorite Author)
3.6 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: what a brilliant book!!I loved how the author incorporated 2 protagonists in to the overall plot of a flu epidemic!!The story itself is well written, great character progression and some good knowledge of medicine thrown in too.I really liked the epilogue at the end too as it showed how far the characters (and the story) had progressed which really enhanced the story.Highly recommended
review 2: Cornelius has created a world that while not necessarily unqiue or special, it was one that was rather compelling, due mainly to the authors polished and well formualized writing technique. The writing was pretty great and it was what kept me going through parts of the book that were not my favorite.The first have of the book was great! It really enjoyed discovering the
... more world and it really seemed liked the PA world filled with all the doubt and fright that one would acutally experience, but the second half of the book became a love story of sorts, between Rick and Taeya. It was a love story that I felt progressed a little to quickly for my taste and was one I did not quite care for. This is not to say that others would not like it, but for me, someone is not a romance buff, I did not love their love. Good news is though, it was not stupid or badly written, so don't expect any sappy love you forever nonsense. These were adults. Perhaps if their love was a little more drawn out or rather, fleshed out, I would have enjoyed it more.The story was predictable at times, but that was okay. It reminded me a little of that film with Kate Winslet, Contagion, though the biodome was its unique aspect.At the end of the day, I really enjoyed this book! It was fast paced, with a rich writing style and characters that were humanly believable, something that I was very thrilled to discover! Cornelius is author I would def read again and again!--V less
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A great book. I cannot believe I left it on my virtual bookshelf for so long before reading!
good read, quick, lots of action - a bit quirky at times, but then, aren't we all?
Rather predictable apocalypse romance chiller.
Still reading good so far
really enjoyed it!!
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