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Vanish In Plain Sight (2011)

by Marta Perry(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 4
0373775768 (ISBN13: 9780373775767)
HQN Books
Amish Suspense
review 1: At first, I was reluclant to take the book, but the cover with the boogie and the title Vanish in Plain Sight made me curious. I am glad my curiosity made me discover this fabulous writer. The story is about a mystery of Marisa' s mother disappearance, an AMISH woman, that married outside her community. One day, she disappeared, and some twenty something years later, Link, discovered in his uncle house, a luggage, with a picture of an Amish woman and a little girl. This little girl is Marisa, and she comes to dig the past, and discover what happened to her mother. Was she mudered or did she really abandoned her family. Beautifully written, and describing the Amish communtiy and it rules, the story is about well developed characters. I loved this book, since it is not a ... moremystery, it is a real quest of a woman for answers and her determination to find the truth to set her free.
review 2: a GREAT FOLLOW-UP TO "Murder In Plain Sight". This novel focuses on Trey's younger brother Link Morgan, and his struggole in dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder upon returning from Afghanistan. Most of Link's unit had been killed in the bombing of a school they were trying to protect and he is grieving not only the loss of his buddies, but the loss of innocent children as well. Marisa Angelo comes to Springville, in the hopes of tracking down the mother who abandoned her to return to her Amish roots. A bloodstained suitcase found in the wall of his uncle's former home that he is renovating brings Link and Marisa together. As they work to unravel the secret of the suitcase....and Link's uncle's connection to the Brotherhood of the Raven.....Marisa and Link not only fall in love, but resolve the issues that have been plaguing them as adults. The book ends with a lead in to Link's twin sister Libby's return to Pennsylvania from California..... less
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I enjoyed reading the book. I couldn't wait who killed Barbara 20 some years ago.
An interesting Amish mystery.
Love this series!!!
Extra 1/2 star.
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