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Martha Stewart's Cooking School: Lessons And Recipes For The Home Cook (2008)

by Martha Stewart(Favorite Author)
4.08 of 5 Votes: 1
0307396444 (ISBN13: 9780307396440)
Clarkson Potter Publishers
review 1: Great on technique, but most of the recipes involve a few ingredients that the ordinary cook won't have around. This book isn't so much for the person who can't cook as for someone who's comfortable following a recipe and wants to move up to the next level. Lots of photos though, and everything's spelled out pretty well. Wish the recipes had the prep time listed at the top instead of having to go through each step & add it up, but that might be Martha Stewart trying to teach us to read the recipe before beginning.
review 2: As with 95% of Martha's recipes, this book was very pretty to look at and everything sounded delicious, but I still felt that I had neither the time nor the patience to make most of it. This cookbook was a significant improvement over most
... more others, though, as pictures were included for almost every recipe (very helpful when you're not sure what the in-progress or finished product is supposed to look like) and there were some somewhat-achievable recipes included (I actually copied two down to try out). Overall, this book made Martha's cooking look more-or-less doable: a significant feat! less
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Pretty basic but as usual Martha knows all. Her chocolate cake recipe is verry verry good :)
Love the book and the photos. A great how to.
Useful cooking school-type book.
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