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Komik Legenda Ternama: The Hound Of The Baskervilles (2011)

by Martin Powell(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 2
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review 1: Martin Powell has adapted the story brilliantly. The artwork is perfect for the tale, somber and dark. Holmes and Watson are brought alive in the graphics. Any Sherlockian will be thrilled to how close the tale is to the original by AC Doyle. As a fan of Holmes, I hope the author and Dark Horse have great success with this tale, and the published continues to bring Holmes to life in the genre. I most like the fact that new younger readers can discover Sherlock Holmes in a format that they already read, and perhaps can be introduced to the real Canon. Bravo for the quality of work.I had one disconnect in reading the work. As Holmes readers know, Watson sends reports. The graphic novel using script on the pages to show the notes being sent. I found that hard to read on the P... moreDF gallery I had in Adobe Digital editions. The original was published in 2008. The redone version publication date is Mar 5 2013
review 2: After a ferocious hound murders Sir Charles Baskerville, his heir returns to England to claim his inheritance, only to face the same dangers that took his uncle's life. Desperate, he turns to Sherlock Holmes for help in this retelling of a classic mystery. Unfortunately, Powell does not introduce the characters of Holmes and Watson. Readers are expected to either already be familiar with their backstory or be content with the plot alone. This is odd given that the appeal of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries is the two main characters' personalities and their remarkable relationship. The artwork is similarly simple and predictable. Combined with the trite, supernatural appearance of the hound which is eventually explained realistically, the entire graphic novel brings to mind an episode of the cartoon classic Scooby-Doo. And this is not a compliment, for Powell and illustrator Perez fail to live up to Conan Doyle's storytelling legend. less
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Sherlock Holmes investigates the attack of Sir Charles Baskerville.
A good adaptation with art nicely suited to the moody atmosphere.
Very good, fast-moving adaptation with appropriately moody art.
Brilliant novel, read it in about 20 minutes!!!!
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