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Becoming Elizabeth Darcy (2000)

by Mary Lydon Simonsen(Favorite Author)
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review 1: The premise was very interesting - I loved Pride and Prejudice so who wouldn't love to get a glimpse of what happened "next"? It seemed to me that the historical characters accepted the time travel aspect a little too easily, though not so easily that I myself couldn't suspend disbelief and keep reading. There were a few aspects of the relationship that developed between Mr. Darcy and Beth that I found a bit strange considering how the book ended - which is the only way it should have ended - but all in all I really enjoyed the story.
review 2: I really loved how this story began and to see what struggles Elizabeth and Darcy encountered in their first years of marriage - some of terrible loss and not infidelity. But this time travler, "Beth", is cannot fit in
... moreto Regency England. If she were a fan she would find better ways to fit in and to help mend the bond between our beloved characters. Beth is so adamant about not having "sexual congress" with Darcy as he is a married man - but she fails because any way you add it up, allowing him to ejaculate on your backside is sex. So some of my friends might know me to ask "what is up with that"? Through the behavior of this Beth in the story in really falls flat for me by the end of the story. 3 stars. less
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Another good read in the fan fiction category for 'Pride and Prejusice'!
I actually enjoyed this book. I found it lively, clever and charming.
Well written alternate reality, very entertaining.
OK read, kind of fun, predictable.
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