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A Walk In The Meadows At Rosings Park (2000)

by Mary Lydon Simonsen(Favorite Author)
3.65 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: 2 humourous stories in one book. The first is based on Darcy meeing Lizzy in Rosings/Kent except this time he hasn't fallen in love with her prior to this meeting. He's only meet Lizzy once in this version (at the original country dance where he insulted Lizzy and never gave her a good look). But immediately in Kent he is attracted to her and seeks to get her attention. Even though the story was cute, its not a realistic view of what Darcy really would do (even though we wish it were so). Darcy wouldn't fall for a woman that easily without knowing about her family, without seeing enough of her wit and would certainly never kiss her before he's even engaged. Ann is not a sickly cousin in this version either. Though she may be frail and weak in winter, not so in the spring. ... moreAnn is a friend of Charlotte and even assists Darcy in winning over Lizzy. The second short story is based on a conversation that Darcy has with Mr Collins. He tries to convince Collins not to propose to Lizzy when he learns that this is Collins intent. Lizzy comes to realize this from Charlotte later and is determined to find out why. In both versions Darcy doesn't have the "prejudice" of Lizzy's family to contend with internally within himself so it may not be an accurate protrayal of his character buts it a fun read nonetheless!
review 2: I enjoyed this variation of pride and prejudice tremendously. My only reason for making it four stars is that I truly wish it were fleshed out as a much more drawn out variation. I loved the whole point that Darcy didn't initially realize that Elizabeth was a person he had seen in Meryton but didn't respond to. He didn't recognize her at Hunsford. The smiles this evoked and the possibilites of more plot line had me in stitches at times. The dinner at Lady Catherine's where Elizabeth says that Darcy put on an "exceptional performance" at Meryton had me laughing out loud. I also enjoyed how Darcy gets around all of Elizabeth's expected reasons for him to not wish to continue their courtship. less
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Cute short stories. An editor would catch the few problems.
Wonderful, light book. I loved it
I really liked this book
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