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Rächerin Der Engel (Die überirdischen Fälle Der Bree Winston) (2011)

by Mary Stanton(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 5
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Beaufort & Company Mystery
review 1: Well, given that I more inhaled this book than simply read it, I would say I enjoyed the newest installment in the Beaufort & Company series!Once again, Bree is contacted by a dead individual - at the auction for the deceased's possessions, no less - begging for her help.Russell O'Roarke is officially considered a suicide, given that his investment banking business went bankrupt amid accusations of improper behaviour and an investigation by the SEC. In fact, had he lived O'Roarke was looking at jail time. But his death ended that.Except, it looks like the death was murder. But since the shotgun blast that killed him was witnessed by his wife and a bunch of her friends, how can it be murder? That's what Bree and her heavenly host of employees at her office in the only all-m... moreurderer's cemetary have to find out.The uniqueness of this story, the characters and the happenings in this world that Mary Stanton has created is so intriguing and interesting and fun that I just can't get enough of this series. Highly recommended if you like quirky paranormal mysteries.
review 2: I really liked this series before, but having had a recent trip to Historic Savannah it was even more relate-able. I loved being able to recognize and visualize the actual locations! We unknowingly ate at Huey's (as recommended by our hotel). I have no idea why I didn't remember that it had such a major role in the series. I like that the characters are developing well, but not too quickly. It was frustrating at first, but I enjoy it now. All too often, author ruin characters by having them rush into things - relationships, new careers, etc. less
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great book! I like the idea of someone defending the dead
Learning more and more about Beaufort and company
like it
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