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Highlander's Prize (2012)

by Mary Wine(Favorite Author)
3.91 of 5 Votes: 2
Sourcebooks Casablanca
The Sutherlands
review 1: I have to agree with another reviewer and state up front that I've realized that I use a totally different set of criteria when reviewing hunky highlander books than I do for other genres. As that other reviewer said, "I'm just looking to fall a little bit in love, or at the very least, enjoy watching the two main characters fall in love." And all the flaws of heroes in other time periods or romance genres don't hold true for highlander books: I don't mind the arrogant, brutish hero so long as it's clear he loves the heroine. This book ticked all the boxes for an enjoyable sexy read so 4 stars from me!
review 2: I’ve always loved Mary Wine’s Highlander series. In this case, Clarissa is being forced to go to Scotland become the King’s mistress (and of cou
... morerse, be the baby momma). But Broen won’t let that happen; instead, he steals her away. She’s not sure if she should love him for saving her, or hate him because he’s just postponing what’s inevitable. Broen isn’t sure what to do with her, but the one thing he knows is that he doesn’t want the king to have her. But he can’t keep her for himself…or can he?I really enjoyed them – both as separate characters, and as a couple. Clarissa has lived a strange life – an acknowledged bastard, people either hate her or ignore her, but she’s never faced someone like Broen, who doesn’t care about any of that. Broen is fun, and a great counterpoint to her starchy attitude. He challenges her, both mentally and romantically, and she rises to his challenges. It’s a bit unusual that Wine continued the outside conflicts so late into the story; it really left me wondering if they could have a future and kept me engaged. I would highly recommend if you enjoy Highlander stories, and lairds in particular  less
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Read this one twice. Good book. I like the history in it. Great start to a new series.
3.5 stars - To be reviewed for HNR May 2012
It was good but not great.
Love the Highlanders.
review to come.
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