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The Manga Guide To Molecular Biology (2009)

by Masaharu Takemura(Favorite Author)
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1593272022 (ISBN13: 9781593272029)
No Starch Press
review 1: This book is a really good way to teach scientific concepts. It is short, simple, and an excellent introduction to microbiology. I got this to study for my college biology final- although I didn't have to take it, as I was excused from it since I did so well in the class. Still, I decided to read it. Although the story is very weak, it really isn't important. The main reason anyone would read this is for how it teaches its subject matter, and honestly, I think it does it better than any textbook or online article I've read. Very highly recommended for people studying microbiology.
review 2: :)) sweet. Reading molecular biology 'narrated' as a story is definitely new to me, I liked it very much. It could be either a light refresher for Biologists, or an interest
... moreing comic-book for pple interested in sciences in general. It's the story of Rin and Ami, 2 girls who have missed too many classes for their Molecular Biology class, so Dr. Moro takes them on the summer vacation to his research island where they can use the 'virtual reality' machine to enter the cell and study the 'molecules of life; DNA, RNA, Proteins' and all about their interactions and stuff. most of the explanation was carried out by the 'attractive' assistant, so it wasnt like a professor giving lectures. what made it really ineresting is that it's a comic book, i.e, all pictures and jokes, second is that the Biology material is very light and everything has very creative analogies that really stick in your mind. plus, its not just the basics, in other words as a senior biologist i wasn't at all bored at any point, there were many interesting research updates. and i loved the ending :) it left me feeling proud to be a Biologist :) less
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A great intro to Molecular Biology. Can't wait till i can show my little coz
This book and the whole series of Manga Guides rock. :-D
572.8 T1366 2009
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