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The Rite: The Making Of A Modern Exorcist (2009)

by Matt Baglio(Favorite Author)
3.68 of 5 Votes: 5
0385522703 (ISBN13: 9780385522700)
Doubleday Religion
review 1: This was a fascinating book about one priest's journey to becoming an exorcist. If you believe in God & the devil, then this book will hold interesting new information for you. And also make it a little more difficult to walk around in the dark after watching occult tv shows. :) I think most of us get our information about possessions from Hollywood. While Hollywood has taken cues from the experiences of real exorcists, they also change how things really work, much like they do for all of those CSI shows (you can't get DNA results in an hour, people). Exorcisms aren't a 'one & done' sort of thing. Nor are priests going around doing exorcisms willy-nilly on anyone who wants one. They want to verify that there isn't a physical or psychological reason for what the per... moreson is experiencing. Interestingly, there are only 13 exorcists in the US. The author himself wasn't much of a believer in demonic possession. He first got involved in this story when he heard that the Vatican was going to be offering a course titled "Exorcism and the Prayer of Liberation." As a journalist (NOT novelist..which shows in his writing style), he thought it might be a PR stunt & went to cover it & write an article. After meeting Father Gary & striking up a friendship, Baglio followed Fr. Gary's progression through the course & his training, as well as having the opportunity to interview other exorcists and sit in on some sessions himself. I felt it was definitely a compelling book, written by a skeptic-turned-believer. Overall, a fascinating read.
review 2: This was a really enjoyable and interesting look into a part of the Catholic religion that seems to be endlessly paraded in horror films but also seen as something to be ashamed of by most priests.It was interesting to see how the exorcist is taught to be the most sceptical, always looking for rational explanations before assuming the person is possessed.I'm not religious, so I am not sure how much of the more extreme things that are recounted I believe, but it was an interesting insight into something I only knew from the sensationalised movies and books.It is well written, with a plethora of helpful notes (and more books that I am now going to hunt down)and I was really gripped by it. less
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3.5 bintangbeli buku ini karena pernah nonton film tentang exorcistjust currios
One of the very few instances where the movie was better than the book
This was. Interesting and a quick read.
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