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Carpathia (2012)

by Matt Forbeck(Favorite Author)
3.07 of 5 Votes: 4
0857662023 (ISBN13: 9780857662026)
Angry Robot
review 1: Well what can I say? It's a very steampunkish paranormal historical science fiction novel of the sinking of the Titanic and to much of my surprise, the sinking of the Carpathia as well to save people's lives from the wrath of the vampires. We all know that eventually the Carpathia met the same fate the Titanuc did years later when it was torpedoed. It was interesting to read about this only in a fictionalized manner of course. Tutanic history buffs who are looking for something that is factual based, this book is not for you unless you want to enjoy sime nice scary story telling. So if your going to pick this book up, it would help to read it with an open entertaining mind.
review 2: This book was an impulse buy, the premise of something old and something hungr
... morey in the bowels of the Carpathia sounded like a promising concept. I also loved the tag line - the lucky ones went down with the Titanic. Like a film whose best bits are shown in the trailer, for me, this book didn't really deliver. Despite being a huge fan of Dracula, vampires don't really appeal to me. I was hoping that the evil facing the poor long-suffering Titanic survivors would be something more like that found in Relic (or even a zombie or two!) While the was an entertaining read, it didn't really satisfy. less
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One of the oddest books I've ever read. All the old vampire cliches are in this.
Fun mash-up of Titanic and the supernatural.
Titanic survivors meet vampires
Not bloody bad.
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