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The Con Job (2012)

by Matt Forbeck(Favorite Author)
3.89 of 5 Votes: 2
042525383X (ISBN13: 9780425253830)
review 1: I'm addicted to Leverage, and when I realized there were novels I could read to extend the series, I was elated.Novels set in TV universes tend to not be the highest quality; this was no exception. If you don't love Leverage, this will be a rather boring book. If you love Leverage but aren't up on your geek culture (the entire plot takes place at a geeky convention--which is a LOT of fun for those of us in on the jokes, but I can only imagine how old it would get for those who don't enjoy such things), this will be a rather boring book.If you loved Leverage and enjoy wrapping yourself up in some good geeky references, pick this book up.The two weakest areas were the characters and the writing. The characters were rather flat, and the author clearly had a better grasp of... more some of them than others (Parker and Hardison were both done fairly well; the other three were pretty blank, and only had personality because I know them from the series). The writing was simplistic, as was the storytelling.For what it was, this book was a lot of fun. But it's definitely a fluffy read, for those of us who want to see more of a world that we fell in love with.
review 2: Having been a fan of the show from the beginning, I was very upset that TNT failed to renew the show. That being said, I'm glad that people are attempting to keep it alive through the books.The Con Job was a great way of doing that. The characters were exact and the setting (Comic-Con) was just perfect! I also loved the product placement which was added subtlely yet was right there and the adding of Chaos as well as Wil Wheaton was really nice.On top of that, the dream team got to run a con that was right up all their allies (not that that was a surprise). In the process, we were also given insight into each of the characters personally, as well as their relationships with each other (specifically Hardison/Parker and Nate/Sophie).All in all, love it! :) less
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Did not have the highest expectations for a Leverage tie-in novel, and it met them.
Very satisfying dose of my beloved team... but I still miss them.
Love the show; enjoyed the book.
Best Book everr!!
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