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Cyber Force: Rebirth, Vol. 1 (2013)

by Matt Hawkins(Favorite Author)
3.36 of 5 Votes: 4
Top Cow
review 1: I backed this book on Kickstarter and i'm very biased. So, i won't write too much, because i'm not sure i'll be able to keep myself objective. Although, maybe. With that disclaimer in place...I do think this was a good story and a good way to bring Cyberforce into the present. However, storytelling felt a little extended. If this were a mini-series only it was a good introduction to the characters, a way to bring them back. Honestly, reading this was a completely fresh start. I didn't really recognize the characters as the ones i once knew, which is a good thing. It's a great way to bring in new readers and give older readers a feeling of familiarity. Again, with that said, it didn't feel complete either. Which, wasn't the point. It was a re-introduction of the ... morecharacters into the present. However, if there wasn't an issue 7, then it felt like the reader wanted more.Hopefully, that makes sense. The art was beautiful and flowed well with the story. It felt very much like Top Cow in the best way possible. The coloring was perfect. Just a great tone being set for the book.For new readers and old readers a like, you'll get a great story you'll be sure to enjoy. With that foundation being set solidly in place, you'll want to make sure to read what happens next. This did have a solid end, an end that left the story wide open for the story to continue. Matt and Marc and company did a great job of bringing the team back and a great job of keeping the story going.
review 2: Solid and good quality comic. One of longest comics I've read so far and it didn't dissapoint. I felt the storyline was really good and it had some interesting characters especially Stryker. The plot was definitive and kept on point which is good since some comics tend to defer away from point and focus more on other things.The illustrations were good as well and they weren't done in bad taste but told the story so at times you could tell what was going on without having to read. Overall I really enjoyed it and am interesting in any others related to it. less
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Excellent dystopian vision of a world sleepwalking into totalitarian control and humanity's demise.
Un concepto interesante que sufre de todos los clichés de narrativa característica de su género.
Really enjoyed this. Definitely recommend people checking this out.
A great new beginning for Top Cow´s first series!
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