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Niezbędnik Obserwatorów Gwiazd (2013)

by Matthew Quick(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 2
8375152706 (ISBN13: 9788375152708)
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review 1: Finn is a very quiet teenager, who is a devoted basketball fan , along with his girlfriend Erin. Erin is one of those spunky, plays harder than most guys type of girl.They live in a very side of Philly but are somewhat protected by Erin's older brother who has shady connections.Finns coach approaches him none evening with a secret mission if sorts. A new boy had moved to town, the son of some famous LA Couple who have family ties here. After their murder, the boy is having a hard time surviving and has had a break with reality - he calls himself Boy21 and comes from the cosmos - costume and all.A heartwarming tale, with some good life lessons thrown in.
review 2: The book "Boy 21" by Matthew Quick was a good book. It connected to me on a deeper level than I e
... morexpected. It's about a boy named Finley. He loves basketball and his girlfriend. He loves basketball more clearly because every season they take a break in their relationship to focus on the game. It's almost season time when we start the book and the characters are seiners in high school. The train very hard all the time together. Then a boy named Russle who plays basketball on a national level comes into Finley and Erin's life. Russle has gone to live with his grandparents for reasons I can't tell. Now he is a little shaken up but the basketball coach wants him to play for the team. Since Russle is shaken up he calls himself boy 21. Finley has to help him go from being abnormal no completely normal. There's a problem with this though. Russle and Finley play the same position and wear the same number. Now Russle isn't to interested into basketball at the time Finley is still scared to lose his staring position on the team. What I like about this book is that a lot of tragic things happen. I say this because it proves bad things happen to good people. These people in the story go through great travesties but seem to avoid the truth the whole time. They do this until it all unravels in their face. Erin's brother is a mob member which leaves her family at great risk all the time. Even though he isn't around a lot. There are good innocent people in this book but another thing I like about the book is that it's real. It's not like some fairy tale where every ends up happy in the end. It just show that real life can be cruel but we can over come it if we try. Finleys grand father doesn't have legs. If you read the book it'll tell you why but not until you need to know to understand what's going on. The book has so many twists and turns that I just wanted to keep reading. Even though these people are a few years older than me I understood what was going on throughout the entire story. I would recommend this book but only to certain age groups. I think if your about 15 and older you would love this book. Or if you have a passion for basketball, or maybe even if you like romantic books. This book does start off a little boring in the beginning but if you stick with it it gets to a point where I could feel every emotion see every sight and just become one with the book. That's when I just kept reading on and on. This book has the perfect balance of romance, sports and drama. It just all valences out. I also like how In the beginning you start off kind of clueless. You have to keep reading to get all the information about all the characters. The book reveals their struggles one by one until in the end they all piece together. Now you can just sit back and processes all the things that just happened. Now the book does have a happy ending. The ending couldn't have been better because it keeps you guessing. So all and all this was a great book. I recommend it to many people. I hope you love it like I did. less
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it was a really good book and it is full of suspense.
Engaging, fast-paced, strong characters! Read it!
Wow. Loved this. Quick never ceases to amaze me.
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